How It Works

For signal followers:


1.     Select currency pair of your interest

Just select currency pair and you will receive signals from ALL traders. You don't have to select any particular trader - you get them all for just a single fee 29$/mth


2.     Receive signals on your email

For each selected pair you get one email a day always at the same time (14:15 CET). The email includes BUY/SELL signals from ALL expert traders (between 50-200 traders depending on currency pair). For more details check out here


3.     Compare traders in SpotlightFocus®

Every day you receive signals from hundreds of traders. It’s important to know which trader to watch closely. You can use SpotlightFocus® - an exceptional tool to compare traders for any time period. All traders are ranked based on their performance. Analyse past results, trends and traders' consistency quickly and easily.


4.     Apply and make profit

After verifying traders in SpotlightFocus®  you can just follow the leader or combination of the most successful traders. It’s entirely at your discretion – YOU keep control and YOU decide. We just believe you make better decisions by knowing what leaders do.


For signal providers (traders):


1.     Apply to become signal provider

Please go to contact and apply. Also please provide your trading history. We will review your application and in case it's positive you will get further information regarding terms & conditions and our remuneration system.


2.     Provide signals and be rewarded based on your performance

Provide signals in a timely manner and be rewarded based on your results.